Travel and Make Money with Pets

Do you love animals? I do.
I’m looking for people who want a little extra income that can pick up, and deliver pets straight to an owners door.
I have been revamping a bit leaving the Celebrity Concierge ,Driving and Branding Business and finding a more enjoyable way to make money and incorporate it into a business.

I’m in search of individuals that can haul dogs and cats.
We create a profile for you, your photo, your rig, and about your life and your live for animals. Because you would be obtaining someone’s prized pet, there will be a simple back ground check, and you will need to provide proof of vehicle insurance and proof you have a license to drive.
There are animals listed all over the country needing transport.You may be picking up a Dog in Vegas and delivering to New York one week, then you pick up and deliver to Texas.

I need responsible individuals.
I will post the dogs or cats needing to be shipped..and you decide if you want to do the run. Your paid when you deliver the animal either Pay Pal or directly to your bank.
Each animal owner is different, so each trip will be different.

It’s a great way to make money, and be your own boss.

If this interests you, message me,and I will contact you.

Dogs will be crated,and you will need to stop for potty breasts.

It’s easy work,and a great way to make money.

Have a great Day.


Jobs for Nomads


1: Florida

Florida: Tampa Bay waterfront leading into Gulf of Mexico AND Doral Canal frontage next to the Villages. Immediate need for persons that are capable of performing maintenance duties to include general maintenance, landscaping, lawn work and helping with plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. for 25 hours per week with minimum wage after the 25 hours, if necessary. $1,000 end of summer bonus. We provide RV site FHU, laundry, propane and WiFi. Email to: or call JP at: 318-564-1909. $$?

Phone: 318-564-1909

2: North Carolina

Fletcher, NC. Cool mountains of WNC at Rutledge Lake RV Park , a great base to Asheville, Hendersonville and the Blue Ridge, is looking for Workampers who have an attitude. A great attitude and smart! Contact us now for 2018 positions. 20 hours of work a week is all we ask to pay for your site and up to 35 hours/week. Anything over 20 hours, you’ll get paid between $8.00-10.00. See the park at: Email: or text: 828-424-6565, please text for phone appointment. $$

Phone: 828-424-6565
Praise Your Employer: 3 –
View Workamper Experiences Postings

3: North Carolina

Yogi in the Smokies Jellystone Park couple for Activities. We are looking for a high-energy, team-player couple for our Activities Team through Labor Day (optionally to November 1). We are located just minutes from the entrance to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We seek team members who are playful, energetic and creative, enjoy interacting with kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds, and will work up to 40 hours a week, including most weekends. Pay is $8.00 per hour after working 6 hours per person per week for your full hookup W/S/E, 30/50 amp site, which includes WiFi, cable TV and laundry allowance. Discounts on propane and store items. If you’re eager to learn more, email a short paragraph about why you are interested in joining the Activities Team, your resume and a photo of yourself and your RV to David and Rose, Activities Directors: Be sure to visit our website: $$


Camping in Joshua Tree


To get to this area, from the intersection of Sunfair and Twentynine Palms Highway (CA-62), drive 2.5 miles north to Sunflower. Turn right on Sunflower Road and continue for another mile to Cascade Road. Cascade Road can be identified by the power lines. These roads can be washed out or deeply rutted; 4-wheel drive is recommended.

Stay on Other People’s Properties for FREE

I am working with Homeowners,and Landowners willing to allow RVers, Boondockers, Van Dwellers, Tent Campers, and Car Dwellers to stay on their property from 2 nights to as much as 30 days.

Your Yearly Membership Donation is $50 year service that offers free camping on people’s property, front driveway or backyard? Some may have Electric, Wifi, Firepits…this just depends on the host.

We have about 80 people now who has offered their willing to join my new service which is great.

Properties are in the City and Country.

I am a Brander, Marketer, and Realestate Investor, and have for a long time wanted to find ways to help travelers find great places to stay.

How you can find out if something is available where your traveling is email me at :

Tell me what State your heading to travel and the City.

Because this is new, please understand I may not have hosts in your area.

Your membership fee for one year is $50.

You can text, or email me where you would like to stay, and I will send you the nearest hosts.

If you would like to be a host
please email me your information about your property and your name, number, and property address or directions. Be sure and send pictures.







My New Patreon Page


I can’t believe I’ve even done it…Minimalising is difficult when your a girl that likes the makeup, and girly things.

This definitely is going to take me out of my element.

I’ve had cold feet planning to leave the comforts of home in Las Vegas.

I’m sure if your a traveler you understand that yearning to just hop in your car and go.

I told a friend of mine, “I want to live”. I don’t want to have to do the same thing day in and day out..that gets pretty boring.

I hope that you will follow my Patreon Page,and my You Tube Page. Mind you I’m just getting started so bare with me.

I feel like a baby. I see so many traveling, having large Subscribers on their You Tube Page,and Patreon Supporters.

I think to myself ” will I ever be where so many Vanlifers,and RVers are”

All I can do is just enjoy myself, film, and take you on the journey with me.

I love this life. I enjoy being my own boss, and waking up in new places. What better life than this.

I welcome your Tips,Tricks,Support, and friendship.

Here is my Patreon Page
for those of you interested.
Hopefully it’s been created properly. Mind you I’m new to this.

I welcome those wanting to Sponsor,or Support my endeavors

Click here to go to my Patreon