My First Taste of Boondocking

Well I can’t say everything went great.I look back and laugh at some of the things I attempted to do, and things I accomplished. I think the hardest part about Boondocking for me was finding a place to use the restroom, and staying clean. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that you love handiwipes…I did. I was having so much fun discovering new places didn’t bother me too bad.

Once I managed keeping clean,and figuring out I’d shower every other day at a truck stop or use my big water jug tipped over the side of my roof.. then came my next challenge.

I have to say men are lucky when it comes to easily using the restroom.
I found a Dollar Store and bought a big plastic container that had a lid. Yep maneuving was difficult in my tiny SUV and a few times I missed. That was when I started fussing.

The worst part was waking up in the night, and having to hover over my makeshift potty container, and hoping I didn’t miss ( giggle).

Then hoping no other Campers could see my bare bottom through the front windshield.Yes I should have had a curtain behind the front bad.

Wow it actually got easier.I became like a pro. I was pretty proud of myself. I was really stroking my ego with atta girls!

My next hurdle was having a nice place to sleep. My first air mattress wouldn’t last through the wake up the next morning thinking to myself my bed sure was hard. I’d roll over to find a deflated mattress.

A fellow travelers said go to Walmart and purchase the mattress with the blue velvet top…it wouldn’t deflated. He was so right. I couldn’t wait to air it up and try it out. I have to say it felt just as soft and comfy as my mattress at home.

I managed to survive 6 months traveling and exploring. Winter came in like a lion, and I tried to brave it but the 28 degree temps made me give up.
But you can’t say I didn’t try.

I bought tea candles and tall round candles, and they took some of the chill off but after
a few weeks I said to myself
..regroup and try again.

I found myself going to You Tube googling how to camp, and I felt so drawn to trying again.That was 2 years ago.

I have realized to there must be some Gypsy in me. I watch the camping videos, and get that itch to pack up, and stop living the chaotic lifestyle.

I’ve been preparing to say goodbye to the fast paced Vegas life,and take to the open road.
Who knows maybe we will run into one another..I hope so.

Night night all

#camping,#vagabond, #gypsy,
#travel, #explore, #vanlife


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