Top Places to Stealth Camp

If your like me finding a spot to Stealth Camp can be difficult.
After doing some traveling I discovered the best places to stealth camp.

1.BLM Land
3.Truck Stops
4.24 Hour Businesses ( grocery stores,fast food)
5.Cracker Barrell ( but call ahead and tell them your driving through and would it be ok to stay overnight, have breakfast in the am and head to your destination)
6.Walmart or should I say some.
Many now have signs you can only park 4 hours. I usually call to see if it’s allowed, and if given the ok park to the side of the Garden Center out of the way or at the far back if the parking lot. I’ve even pulled in close the the front door but that’s when I had a small car..and I was literally not noticed.
7.If your stuck in town try an Hospital..specifically the Emergency section. They won’t be able to differentiate if you have family in the hospital or not.Theres usually always security.

These are just a few that come to mind. Do you know any others.



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