Traveling Buddy

I’ve been contemplating trying to find a travel buddy who knows how to film video,edit, knows how to blog, and create footage for You Tube about this wonderful no stress lifestyle.

I have a Business Degree, and for eleven years I’ve worked with Celebrities Branding them.
On the side remodeling and investing in homes.

My passion is starting a Community of Tiny Home enthusiasts, Glampers,RVers,
Car Campers, and Campers
The goal would be allow men and women to lease a section of land for 5,10,20,40 years for a one time fee, and no more payments. Because we would be a Community we would keep the grounds clean, you could garden, sell your arts /crafts, massage therapy etc self sufficient.

My hope is explorers would enjoy knowing they have a home base,and community support I’m a no stress since they wouldn’t have to worry about making payments, and be able to travel and enjoy their minimalist lifestyle.

So I guess I can say that I’ve been making preperations to give up this crazy city life in Las Vegas, and have a more enjoyable life living in my vehicle 24/7.

Seems like all my stress has been spent paying on my home,and bills. I see now how much simpler life can be when you have no bills.

I got a taste of it nearly two years ago, and fell in love with life.I finally felt alive.
I met people along the way that inspired me, helped me, and became my friends…like a Tribe

My question to each of you Nomads, Travelers,RVers, Campers…would you like a home base while your traveling

Many are into the Tiny House Movement..I know I am.

I’m sure amongst our community there would be builders, plumbers, Carpenters that could help us build Tiny Houses..

Perhaps have a cook to cook each day where all can come to have a bite to eat.

If you can dream can do it.

I’d love your thoughts on this…I called your opinions..

1.Would you lease a strip of land long term?
2. If you don’t have a Tiny Home would you like one built?
3. Do you believe this type of community would draw others?

I look forward to your replies

Have a great day all..



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