Essentials for Boondocking

brown and white dome tent at nighttime

I receive many questions about what gear I bring to Boondock.
For myself the list below I believe is essential for all that travel:

Heater- You have to stay warm.Nights can get cold if your in the desert or higher elevations.

Make sure you leave a window cracked

Water — I keep several Gallons of water in my vehicle when traveling. 1Gallon in my large Cooler.

You can wash yourself off after a hike, rinse your feet off if your at the beach. Have something to drink nearby without having to run somewhere to get water.

Composting toilet. Yes..I’d much rather have my restroom in my vehicle than to go venturing out in the woods with a flashlight.

That’s all I need to be squatting and doing my thing then having a bear pop up on me. Thats not happening.

If your broke and can’t afford a composting toilet there are other alternatives.

Don’t say ewwwww…remember this is reality,and I’m going to tell it like it is…no holes barred.

I just love the Dollar Store.Two years ago I purchase a deep long plastic container and made a makeshift potty to use at night so I didn’t have to get out of my vehicle.

It took some time to find the right container..but it did work.Use it ..close it shut..dump in the a.m..

Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
But if you prefer trapsing into the woods squatting on the ground, and God knows not knowing what’s nearby have at it.

Hmmm wonder if anyone had every been attacked by a bear with their pants down?
You get my drift right?🤔

Ice Chest — always stock up on a few bags of ice before you leave civilization. If it’s smoldering hot you can open your cooler,and put a tiny fan near the top to draw out the cold air.

Camping chairs — You have to have somewhere to sit..and it’s a great place to enjoy yourself after a long adventure and perhaps watch all the activity going on around you or be beautiful sunset.

If you fish it’s easier with fly-fishing waders in chair than to balance on one leg trying to get them off.

Wood or Fuel— Always carry extra wood that or Fuel when your traveling to remote areas. Theres nothing worse than running out of wood or fuel while your cooking or your fire is dying out.

Its much nicer to eat warm Neal’s than Cold. Be sure to bring a Frying pan to cook in.

Handi Wipes- These are a Godsend. You can purchase a few bags of Handy Wipes at The 99 cent store or the Dollar Store for just a buck.

These are great to cleanup with if you can’t shower, and you want to feel fresh.


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