Paying it Forward While Traveling

For 10 years I have volunteered at Soup Kitchens for the Homeless, have given out Winter Coats, and sack lunches.
I’ve decided that during my Road Trip I will find people who need a hand up.
Here where I live in Las Vegas there are many homeless people.
In fact each time that I used to go to McDonalds near the Silverton Casino, I would see an older man with a sign. Each time that I passed my heart would break.I thought “what if this were me or someone I love”?
By the time I got into the drive thru I would order 4 Breakfast Burritos and 2 Iced Coffees. I’d grin to myself as I pulled out of McDonalds and handed this weary traveler.
Not many would get out of their car walk over, and speak to someone who is homeless ..but I did. I discovered his wife had filed for divorce, and his Social Security was not enough to live on. He told me he was living out of his car, and on street corners trying to simply survive.I could tell by how he spoke he was educated.He wasn’t your average homeless person.
I handed him the bag,and drink
and he just looked at me and said “thank you”, “most people don’t hold a conversation with me”.
I began to tell him a story about the “Paying it Forward Movement”, and how several times as I had started to pay at a Drive Thru…I was told
“your paid in full”, “the person in the car ahead of you paid for your order”
The first time I was in shock, and broke down in tears. I though “why would someone do this”? I was traveling at the time, heading to my mom’s funeral, and was a mess emotionally. So that act of kindness seemed to give me hope in humanity. There are good,caring people in this world.
So back to the my story..
For about 6 weeks I kept seeing the elderly man in his mid 60’s on the corner with his sign. Each time I past him going to get my morning breakfast I would roll down my window and wave calling his name.He had the biggest grin …I will never forget it.
As weeks went by I saw his car dissapear, and he had a scooter with a backpack on it..then no vehicle only a shopping cart with his backpack and a jugg of water.He was such a humble man,always thanking me.
On the 6th week I turned in going to McDonalds and didn’t see him. There was another homeless person there. I asked them about him. The man said that a rich man came through, and told him he could come live with him and work for him.
I was relieved…I was a bit worried at first thinking something bad had happened.
To this day I wonder how this little old man is. I know that someone cared enough to truly help him. It took just a small act of kindness to change his life.
I have so much to be grateful for. I can no longer turn a blind eye to someone in need.
It’s been 10 years now that I’ve tried helping others
in some way or another.
A paper bag with an apple,peanut butter sandwich,and water can mean the world to someone in need.
During my Road Trip, I’m going to take the time to go into the areas where the homeless reside,and help as many people as I can…even if it’s a sandwich.
August 1, I start my journey.
I hope that this Roadtrip discovering beautiful places,and giving back will touch your heart,and have you looking forward to each post I make, or video.
If in your travels you spot someone homeless..extend a hand if it’s a kind word or food to put in their belly.
Thanks for reading…I just felt compelled to mention this.

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