My New Patreon Page


I can’t believe I’ve even done it…Minimalising is difficult when your a girl that likes the makeup, and girly things.

This definitely is going to take me out of my element.

I’ve had cold feet planning to leave the comforts of home in Las Vegas.

I’m sure if your a traveler you understand that yearning to just hop in your car and go.

I told a friend of mine, “I want to live”. I don’t want to have to do the same thing day in and day out..that gets pretty boring.

I hope that you will follow my Patreon Page,and my You Tube Page. Mind you I’m just getting started so bare with me.

I feel like a baby. I see so many traveling, having large Subscribers on their You Tube Page,and Patreon Supporters.

I think to myself ” will I ever be where so many Vanlifers,and RVers are”

All I can do is just enjoy myself, film, and take you on the journey with me.

I love this life. I enjoy being my own boss, and waking up in new places. What better life than this.

I welcome your Tips,Tricks,Support, and friendship.

Here is my Patreon Page
for those of you interested.
Hopefully it’s been created properly. Mind you I’m new to this.

I welcome those wanting to Sponsor,or Support my endeavors

Click here to go to my Patreon


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