Stay on Other People’s Properties for FREE

I am working with Homeowners,and Landowners willing to allow RVers, Boondockers, Van Dwellers, Tent Campers, and Car Dwellers to stay on their property from 2 nights to as much as 30 days.

Your Yearly Membership Donation is $50 year service that offers free camping on people’s property, front driveway or backyard? Some may have Electric, Wifi, Firepits…this just depends on the host.

We have about 80 people now who has offered their willing to join my new service which is great.

Properties are in the City and Country.

I am a Brander, Marketer, and Realestate Investor, and have for a long time wanted to find ways to help travelers find great places to stay.

How you can find out if something is available where your traveling is email me at :

Tell me what State your heading to travel and the City.

Because this is new, please understand I may not have hosts in your area.

Your membership fee for one year is $50.

You can text, or email me where you would like to stay, and I will send you the nearest hosts.

If you would like to be a host
please email me your information about your property and your name, number, and property address or directions. Be sure and send pictures.








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