Travel and Make Money with Pets

Do you love animals? I do.
I’m looking for people who want a little extra income that can pick up, and deliver pets straight to an owners door.
I have been revamping a bit leaving the Celebrity Concierge ,Driving and Branding Business and finding a more enjoyable way to make money and incorporate it into a business.

I’m in search of individuals that can haul dogs and cats.
We create a profile for you, your photo, your rig, and about your life and your live for animals. Because you would be obtaining someone’s prized pet, there will be a simple back ground check, and you will need to provide proof of vehicle insurance and proof you have a license to drive.
There are animals listed all over the country needing transport.You may be picking up a Dog in Vegas and delivering to New York one week, then you pick up and deliver to Texas.

I need responsible individuals.
I will post the dogs or cats needing to be shipped..and you decide if you want to do the run. Your paid when you deliver the animal either Pay Pal or directly to your bank.
Each animal owner is different, so each trip will be different.

It’s a great way to make money, and be your own boss.

If this interests you, message me,and I will contact you.

Dogs will be crated,and you will need to stop for potty breasts.

It’s easy work,and a great way to make money.

Have a great Day.


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